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In most cases a stamp collection has been the owners pride and joy, providing many happy hours of pleasure and entertainment, even a lifetime’s work. It may also represent a significant financial investment. Whatever the background, it is vitally important that you choose a trustworthy and knowledgeable company that is going to respect your collection and gain you the best financial outcome.
That is why your choice must be webuystamps Limited.

This is actually quite an easy question to answer. What we have noticed over the decades is that stamp dealing is very labour intensive. So much so, that we have to ensure our time is managed very carefully. Therefore, when we value a collection, it has to be carried out with the utmost care and accuracy, and then backed up with a winning offer. If we were travelling around the country making derisory offers, two things would happen - 1) we would not buy any stamps ( a disaster for any stamp dealer!) and.. 2) Our reputation would be ruined and as a result we would soon go out of business. Where customers have decided to obtain more than one offer we very rarely, if ever, get beaten on price.

Virtually anything in the stamp world. From single stamps to collections in hundreds of albums. We will pretty much make an offer on anything. If for some reason we cannot make an offer or we think that you may be better off by going down a different route, then we will advise you. Over recent years we have found many collectors that have been buying so-called “Limited Edition” stamps and coins from companies that are not traditional dealers, but who are aggressive businesses advertising for example in the Sunday papers/magazines, rather than the traditional stamp press. Invariably the prices paid for these goods are extortionate and it is impossible for the sellers to ever retrieve their money. On these occasions we may advise you to try and return the purchases to the companies that first sold them.

Stamp collection FAQs

Questions about selling your collection.

No! All our valuations are free of charge regardless of whether you sell to us. There are no deductions or commissions to pay.

Your collection could not be in safer hands. Only members of the valuation team are allowed to examine the collection and it will be insured comprehensively from the moment it leaves your home. What we suggest to a lot of collectors, is to take digital photographs or indeed video the collection so that you have a permanent record for your own peace of mind.

An emphatic no! Major auction houses are very expensive to run and so they charge a commission – normally 15-20% to the seller, plus they also charge a buyers’ premium of usually 20%. So in total they charge roughly 35 – 40%, money which could be in your pocket ! They will also take an average of 3-4 months to sell the stamps and settle your account. But most importantly, they cannot guarantee a successful sale!

No problem – all our valuations are without obligation and so if you decide not to proceed with a sale then the collection is returned to you at OUR expense.

Once the collection is on our premises we endeavour to contact you with a valuation and an offer within 48 hours.

Questions about stamps

Listed below are some of the typical questions that we often get asked concerning specific stamps. But remember, the field of stamp collecting is enormous with hundreds of countries issuing billions of stamps over the last 180 years. It continually throws up many questions which with decades of experience we are happy to answer for you.

No – when Edward came to the throne the Post Office did not know at that stage he was going to abdicate and so duly went ahead and printed tens of millions of stamps bearing his portrait.

Sometimes – to be honest First Day covers are generally very common but there are many exceptions. The post mark and the design of the envelope are very important and affect the value enormously.

No – Germany invaded several countries and occupied them for many years. During that time millions of stamps were produced bearing Hitler’s image.

Absolutely not. We have a market for anything philatelic and so we can make an offer on literally everything that is submitted to us.

Yes – major errors, for example, missing colours and missing perforations are very exciting and collectable.

Yes – We also buy postcards, cigarette cards, coins, medals and sporting memorabilia.

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